Return to the workplace after giving birth

Return to the workplace after giving birth

Little C, who had just been promoted to department manager last year, was planning to get some good results when she was pregnant.

When she was on maternity leave, her position was replaced by the pony. I heard that the pony did a good job. After the baby was born, C was always worried about where she would go in the future.

Six months later, Little C returned to the company, and the boss hesitantly said, “Do it first.

“Little C is full of grief, but her inner anxiety is increasing day by day. Should she change jobs or wait patiently?

This became a problem stuck in her heart.

  Someone said that Mother Zheng (teacher, son 2 years old): My maternity leave ended exactly in the next semester. Since the work was assigned last semester, I had no class to arrange for midway back to school.

The leader asked me to help out at the Political and Religious Office, and was responsible for planning a large party.

Although this is also very important work, I have always loved teaching. It is a penetrating blow to me.

What’s even more depressing is that during that time I was catching up with the assessment title of middle school. Because I had taken maternity leave before, and I was not engaged in teaching work after delivery, the workload was obviously insufficient, which caused me to lose the qualification for evaluation.

  However, I still maintain a mentality of Ah Q. The so-called “people are not as good as the sky.” Since encountering such a situation, we must face it bravely, not only to seriously complete the work arranged by the leadership, but also to use this time to make upMake up your own expertise.

So I worked hard to adjust my mindset and devoted myself to the new job. I felt more and more happy and the tasks were successfully completed.