Hongxing out of the wall, true love or illusion

Hongxing out of the wall, true love or illusion

There are many reasons why a woman is derailed, but in any case, think about it before you start thinking: Is the family you own really no longer your favorite?

Is your affair with “he” a true love or a remedy for loneliness?

Don’t think of illusion as true love, otherwise you will fall into a darker abyss.

  In today’s society, extreme marriage has become very fragile and seems a bit vulnerable.

Two beloved people who had ever sworn a mountain alliance inadvertently “red apricot out of the wall”.

Men are righteous when having an affair, and women have to look for legitimate reasons to be at ease.

Women force themselves to believe that they are having an affair with “he” for “love”.

  Because for most modern women, it doesn’t matter as long as they are derailed by love, derailment for “sex” or for other reasons is unforgivable.

Women’s expectations of marriage are based on emotional satisfaction, and they desire to be cared for and loved.

In our social education, men cannot easily express their feelings. Therefore, it is not easy for men to express the feelings in their hearts.

There is a saying “men do not cry easily with tears.”

Men’s emotional failure to communicate is the biggest disappointment for women.

Therefore, if you can’t satisfy this longing for job hunting, the emotion of being ignored will erupt.

When a man shows concern and admiration for her at this time, women often derail gratitude as love, because “he” makes you feel that you are aware that someone loves and returns to beautiful and sexy.

  Women and men experience two completely different worlds.

Men can separate sex and love clearly, but women cannot.

When a woman and her partner love each other, they will have the urge to be united in spirit and flesh.

Sex makes women have the illusion of love.

Even if a woman was having an affair for “sex,” not for “love,” as long as she continued to have a relationship with a sexual partner, this attachment would gradually grow, and eventually women would think that there was “love”.

  When a woman’s marriage is in crisis, she will eagerly find another partner to place emptiness and panic.

Full of fresh excitement and unrestrained affair will make them seem to return to the girlhood.

At this time, women often cannot tell whether it is passion or true love.

  Marriage is actually a “habit”. It is difficult to maintain this “habit” because it is not “inertia”.

If “own forever” in marriage is not replaced by “fearless and fearless” and “no need to overcome”, then the marriage may be as beautiful as longed for.

Both men and women must be alert to the inertia of marriage and communicate with each other. Passionate passion will maintain each other’s attraction.