Autumn and winter food supplements should be less spicy and more sour

Autumn and winter food supplements should be “less spicy and more sour”

People love hot pot in winter, especially spicy.
However, because autumn and winter are a season of convergence, spicy food is sent out. If you frequently eat spicy food at this time, it is easy to cause hotness, anger, constipation, and acne on the face.
In addition, spicy food into the lungs, easy to hurt the lungs, dry autumn and winter itself is not good for the lungs.
Therefore, although there is a saying that “tonic in autumn and winter, tigers in spring”, food supplement in autumn and winter still have to abide by the “less bitterness and more sour” principle.
  The autumn and winter season is a period of high incidence of cardiovascular disease. It is very beneficial to eat acidic food properly in autumn and winter.
Acidic foods such as vinegar can soften blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular disease.
At the same time acidic food can also be beauty, for women who love beauty should eat more sour.
In addition to vinegar, acidic foods also include acidic foods such as apples and oranges that are rich in vitamin C.
  In addition, you should drink boiled water, light tea, milk, and soy milk on food supplements. You should also eat radishes, sesame, and honey. You can also eat duck eggs, animal livers, kelp, and fish such as fire.