How do thin people build muscle?

How do thin people build muscle?

A blogger asked me, how do thin people build muscle?

  Based on my experience in the gym for two years, it is not particularly easy to answer, because I started working out from being obese.

However, many of my friends and colleagues asked how thin people can build muscle and gain muscle, and in the end they all achieved certain results. When I talked to them, I learned a few things, combined with the information I found, summarized below, which can be useful.just for reference.

  First, improve digestion and absorption of the stomach and intestines. Many people who are leaner are not eating less or replacing insufficient nutrition, but they have insufficient digestion and absorption of the stomach, and eat it for nothing; and some people still have no tonic.sturdy.

Therefore, fitness and muscle building must start with improving the stomach.

  -See your doctor to diagnose your gastrointestinal tract, and then take the right medicine.

Because weight loss is divided into simple weight loss and secondary weight loss.

Simple wasting has no clear endocrine disease, and secondary wasting is caused by the organic nature of the nervous system or endocrine system.

If it is secondary weight loss, please exercise after fitness.

  -Usually you can eat something that is good for stomach, stomach and digestion, such as hawthorn tablets, apple cider vinegar, and the effect of auxiliary drugs.

  -Regular exercise, exercise will promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption (the following will specifically do a bit from another perspective to talk about how to exercise).

  -Adhere to a regular diet, chew slowly, and eat three or four meals a day.

  -Do not smoke, drink only moderate amounts.

  -Be sure to eat hygienic and clean food to prevent diarrhea.

  Second, increase proper nutrition-drink honey water (I drink it every day in autumn and winter), because one is the function of inhibiting gastric acid secretion and promoting the healing of ulcers, and the other is to nourish and improve bowel movements.

  -Be sure to eat breakfast.

  -Can’t be partial.

Pay attention to increase the variety of food, fish, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruits, carefully mix them, eat everything to ensure that the nutrition is rich, and also ensure that the food intake every day contains a sufficient amount.

  Choose a good source of protein, such as eggs, milk, meat, poultry, etc., which should account for more than half of the daily protein fragments.

For plant protein, the soybean protein powder is separated and extracted, and the effect will be better, because there is less plant fiber that blocks absorption.

  -Drink a variety of nutritious porridge if possible.

  -It is recommended to drink more yogurt instead of milk.

  -One hour before exercise, be sure to eat something that provides transformation; at the same time, add protein and appropriate protein after exercise.

  Third, insist on regular exercise-understand that we are gaining muscle, not weight gain, so weight-bearing and aerobic exercise are required, but aerobic exercises should not be too much, should focus on weight-bearing exercises.

  -Persist in regular exercise 3-4 times a week, approximately every 60-90 minutes, according to your physical strength.

  -You can practice two muscle groups at a time, each muscle group doing 4-5 movements, each movement doing 4-5 groups, each group doing 8-10, medium weight, but can do 1-2 groupsMaximum weight.

  Fourth, to achieve a regular life-to ensure adequate sleep time, and it is best to fall asleep between 23:00 at night-5:00 the next day.

  -Try to do your spare time, don’t let work take up all your awake time, don’t bring work to life.

  Fifth, try to make the mood more pleasant. The health of the stomach is closely related to mental factors.

Excessive mental stimulation, such as long-term tension, fear, sadness, depression, etc. can cause dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, promote dysfunction of the vagus nerve, cause gastric wall blood vessel spasm and contraction, and cause gastritis and gastric ulcer.

  -Be cheerful, cheerful, and strong.

  -When you are emotional, find a way to solve it from dialogue, exercise, reading, entertainment, and free yourself from conflict.

  -Establish confidence that you will be able to keep fit and gain muscle, and do it consistently.