Slow muscle strength sports burn more amazing

Slow muscle strength sports burn more amazing

Xiaobian introduces a new concept of sports for busy office workers – slow muscle strength exercise, each exercise for 20 minutes, 1-2 times a week, you can burn more aunts, the sculpture body effect is even more amazing!

  The slower the muscle exercise is, the better the exercise!

  You must know that muscle exercise can build muscle and increase the rate of light burning.

The latest research report shows that if the speed of muscle strength is greatly reduced, each movement will be about three times longer than usual, so that the muscles must redouble their efforts and support longer, they can reach the most burning adults.Good effect.

  Experts say that when doing this kind of slow muscle strength exercise, you need 1 action and then 1 action to do it slowly. Do not rest during the break. Only after you complete the prescription, you can rest for 1 minute.

  You will find that the same action, if you exercise at normal speed, you have to do 24 times to achieve the effect. When you do slow exercise, just do 6 times, it will make you tired, although the actionThe number of times is less than the original, but it does allow the muscles to do faster and get more exercise.

  Moreover, the weekly exercise time can be greatly reduced. It is necessary to exercise dumbbells or muscle gymnastics three times a week, and now only one time in one week, and only one time in 20 minutes, which greatly saves exercise time.

  Why do you do it faster and slower than the speed, but the effect is not good?

  This is because when you are faster, the action is often not true. You should have raised the height of your head. It is often because you can hurry. You can do it once more. As a result, you can put it down in a hurry and the effect will be greatly reduced.

  Now you can try, change the various muscle strength exercises in the original, change the practice, and do it with a slow prescription!

  Slow muscle strength exercise, still with aerobic exercise, can be a lot of fat burning slow muscle strength exercise, although the effect is grand, but the fitness coach also reminded, do not ignore the nature of aerobic exercise.

  If you want to lose weight, you have to do aerobic exercise. Compared to other sports, it can burn a lot of calories and effectively eliminate excess meat.

  When doing aerobic exercise, oxygen can be delivered to the muscles, and once you can move to many muscle groups at the same time, indirectly can reduce cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and maintain normal cholesterol.

  Let aerobic exercise with slow muscle strength exercise, you can easily complete the plan of body shaping, for busy you, slow movement is more powerful and efficient exercise law!

  Slow muscle strength 1, don’t forget!

If you want to slow down and do the same dumbbell exercise, remember to replace the lighter dumbbells, so as not to be too heavy to support, causing sports injuries.

  Usually the general dumbbell exercise, the dumbbell you choose is half the maximum weight you can bear, if the heaviest can lift 8 pounds of dumbbells, use 4 pounds to exercise.

  For slow exercise, the dumbbell you choose should be reduced in weight, about 25-30% of the maximum weight. For example, you can use up to 8 pounds of dumbbells. Now it is better to use 2-3 pounds of dumbbells.

  2, when doing muscle exercise with slow speed, because the intensity of exercise is enhanced, the posture must be absolutely correct, can do the best in the mirror!

  And you should concentrate on doing every movement, pay attention to the breathing must be smooth, don’t be embarrassed!

  Slow muscle strength

Generally, the muscle strength is compared with the normal muscle strength exercise and the slow muscle strength exercise. If you compare each other, you can know how to do the slow muscle strength exercise!

  Exercise method General exercise slow exercise 1 week exercise number 3 times 2 times each exercise time 35 minutes 20 minutes action type 8-10 kinds 6-8 kinds of prescriptions 2 times 1 time movements 8-12 times 6 timesDuration 7 seconds 20 seconds twice the interval between prescriptions 30-60 seconds 1 minute dumbbell weight can lift at least 50% of the maximum weight to slow down 6 times will shake the weight after exercise, muscle soreness, moderate weight, but pain, butIt is good for the body and should not exceed 2-3 days.

  The pain index is low and you will think this is the longest 20 seconds in the world.