Have you snatched someone else’s husband?

Have you snatched someone else’s husband?

One day, a very good male student suddenly asked me out: a girl loved me and had to marry me. What do you think I should do?

  My classmates did not have the happiness I imagined, but a bit of bitter smile climbed to the corner of his mouth.

I know that his wife is a classmate of his university. The school spent, he took the power of nine cattle and two tigers to frustrate the masters to get his wish.

I also know that his relationship with his wife has been tense since he went to sea to do business. It is because his wife thinks that he ignores his family all day long. He thinks that his wife is bloated and so on.

I also know that the outside world said he was fiercely playing with a model, but I have been embarrassed to ask him. I never thought he would be frank today.

Is it true that men get worse when they have money?

Quite early my classmate was a typical love lover, and he won the championship at the “love is still unfaithful” lecture.

That is, from that time on, his wife’s heart began to open to him.

  On the one hand, there are beautiful youthful eyebrows full of vitality, on the other hand, the yellow-faced woman who is bloated and boring and has tofu dregs, but lives and dies with oneself, and on the other hand is the biological flesh that is growing and growing.In the old competition, it is indeed difficult to choose.

  If it is a man with a responsibility to the family, if it is Liu Xiahui who is not in trouble, I believe that no matter how young and beautiful the girl is, she will never give up the old.

But the main thing is that this time Daoxing this, lovers are everywhere, the second milk is flying all over the sky, Xiaomi howls — which old cow does not like the tender grass with dew drops?

Which old cat doesn’t like the most delicious fish?

In this society, people’s morality, responsibility, and shame have been eaten by wolves and swallowed by dogs.

If Liu Xiahui were to regenerate, she would definitely not be able to withstand the aggressive offense of the girls right now.

There is a saying “Shameless, be early” to expand the mentality of some girls right now.

If you want to be fragrant, if you want to drink spicy, if you want to sit in Mercedes-Benz, if you want to live in a villa, if you want to enjoy the excitement, or if you don’t want to work, then use your youth and your own beauty, go to bets, go to games, be the boss’s lover,The big-name mistress went to grab someone else’s husband.

At present, the courage of some girls to pursue so-called happiness is really shocking and shocking.

  There are many men in this world who like to eat tender grass and eat fishy things, so each one takes what he needs, so the waves in this world are splashing and colorful.

How many families are fragmented, how many abandoned women are depressed, how many children lose their warmth and cause psychological disorders.

  Hold your hand and grow old with your son.

Has long been a dream flower, the moon in the mirror.

The ancestral words of the ancestors, their interpretation and overlap of love loyalty, I am afraid to disappear in this era.

  Although men and women emphasized that they did so because of their courageous pursuit of love, how pale, weak, hypocritical, and unconscience such an explanation is.

Excellent men and women abound, seeing one loves another, how much true love can you overdraw?

How much power do you have?

If that’s the case, then you are destined to travel a long way in this gossip-like passion, and you are destined to die in the exhausted chase.

  In fact, not everything you get is good.

In addition to banknotes and false sweet words, what else can be in the minds of those big-hearted belly?

Once the freshness is over, and when you are old and faint, you cannot escape the fate of being abandoned.

Robbery is a bloody war in itself. It won’t necessarily win if you get your youth, your beauty, or even your life.

How hard is this?

  Wake up, those women who think they are right, those women who are so lofty and far-reaching.

Don’t take youth and beauty as games, do something serious, take your feelings seriously.