[Is it really unhealthy to eat pork]_Pork_Impact_Danger

[Is it really unhealthy to eat pork]_Pork_Impact_Danger

Pork is the most important meat food in life. It is also the domestic source of meat that has been most suitable for people after thousands of years of domestication. However, through the improvement of living standards, the types of meat that people can choose have greatly increased.More and more people think that eating pork is unhealthy, so is it really unhealthy to eat pork?

What nutrition is there?

Pork is the most consumed form of meat for black Han people. It is high in trace amounts and contains a lot of cholesterol.

In daily meat consumption, it is better to eat less, and beef and chicken should be replaced as much as possible.

Nutritional analysis Pork is rich in protein, aunt.

The average heat output per 100 grams of pork is 138-188 kJ (approximately 330-450 kcal), including the highest amount converted into meat.

Eating pork itself is good for the human body, but if you eat too much at each meal, 80-100 grams per day for adults can meet the needs of a day.

Children can take 50 grams per day.

If pork is cooked properly, it will also become a “longevity medicine.”

After the pork is continuously stewed, the exception will be reduced by 30% -50%, the unsaturated fatty acids will increase, and the plasma content will be greatly reduced.

Chemicals emitted during high-temperature cooking of fried pork will be combined with carcinogenic chemicals in cigarettes to increase the risk of carcinogenesis.

Since Chinese female smokers often cook fried pork while cooking, then it is likely that the general smoker will develop lung cancer.

5 times.

It is not advisable to drink a lot of tea after eating pork.

Because the sulfuric acid of tea synthesizes agglomerated precipitated acidic protein with protein, it slows down bowel motility and prolongs the residence time of feces in the interconnection, which not only easily causes constipation, but also increases the absorption of toxic substances and carcinogens.affect health.

Those who are obese and have high blood lipids should not eat more. Don’t eat charred meat.