Which egg has a specialty you eat a certain kind?

Which egg has a specialty you eat a certain kind?

Eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs . Which kind of eggs are more nutritious?

  Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, and their amino acid composition is closest to the human body’s needs, and their nutritional value is very high.

Broadly speaking, the nutrition of eggs is similar.

First of all, the protein content of various eggs is similar, the maximum egg is about 12%, and the goose egg is slightly lower at 11%.

Basically, the vitamins in eggs are very rich, and the variety is rich and complete, including all B vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, K and trace vitamin C.

Duck eggs, goose eggs, and quail eggs are generally more vitamin-rich than eggs.

Compared with minerals, duck eggs are rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron; goose and quail eggs are richer in iron and selenium.


hzh {display: none; }  很多人虽然知道蛋营养丰富,但还是不太敢吃,主要是怕胆固醇含量高。In fact, based on 100 grams of whole eggs, goose eggs contain 704 mg of cholesterol, 585 mg of eggs, 565 mg of duck eggs, and 515 mg of quail eggs.

Calculated based on about 50 grams of an egg, about 70 grams of duck eggs, about 130 grams of goose eggs, and about 10 grams of quail eggs, the cholesterol content of a duck egg is about 1.

4 eggs.

The cholesterol content of a goose egg is approximately equal to 3.

The plasma content of one egg and one quail egg is approximately equal to zero.

2 eggs.

  Eggs are eaten in a variety of ways, and boiled eggs are the best way to eat them. Fried eggs lose conduction of vitamins, and eating them raw prevents protein digestion and absorption.

Duck eggs are cooler and can clear heat and nourish yin, but they have some fishy odor. They are better for salted duck eggs.

But because there is too much plasma, eat half of the salted duck eggs every day.

The goose eggs are warm and tonic, but they are slightly thicker and have a heavier grassy taste. It is more delicious to make fried eggs with bacon or make bad eggs.

One goose egg is best shared by two or three people.

Quail eggs are the ideal nutritious food for the debilitated, the elderly, and children. They can be cooked until they are cooked and shelled, used for meat shavings, soups, or mixed in salads.

Quail eggs are best eaten 5 times a day.