Boiled water is your best drink

Boiled water is your best drink

Boiled water is the baby’s best drink. The proportion of water in the body is very large. The younger the baby, the faster the growth and development, the more vigorous the metabolism, and the more water the body needs.

Newborn body water is 78% of the total body weight?
At this time, the baby’s water source mainly depends on breast milk; the body’s water content in infants accounts for about 70% of the total body weight. The water source at this stage is the water in breast milk and complementary foods; the body’s water content in early childhood accounts for 65The source is mainly water in the diet.

  For babies, boiled water is the best drink, but even if you cultivate the habit of drinking boiled water from birth, there may be a day when the baby does not like to drink boiled water.

  Do not drink boiled water is 6 months before the baby grows up, the baby’s desire to suck is still strong, no matter what the bottle contains, he will suck with interest.

After 6 months, the baby has a more specific purpose for sucking, which is to make him like it.

Drinking fruit juice, formula milk, vegetable water, vegetable juice, baby is naturally not interested in boiled water.

  The benefits of drinking boiled water Pure boiled water is the easiest to quench thirst. It can perform metabolism immediately after entering the body, regulate body temperature, transport nutrients and clean the internal functions of the body, especially the cold boiled water that is naturally cooled after boiling is most likely to promote metabolism through cell membranes, increaseThe hemoglobin content in the blood enhances the body’s immune function and improves the baby’s resistance to disease.

  Drinking cold water will reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and reduce fatigue.

  Let your baby drink more boiled water Since no drink can replace water, the mother still has to find a way to let the baby drink more boiled water.

  Babies who were exclusively breastfed 6 months ago may not need to add extra water, but in hot summer, dry spring or when the baby is sick, you can give your baby some boiled water.

  After 6 months, if you do n’t drink boiled water from a bottle, you can use a small cup or spoon to feed some water, or you often change the way of drinking water. He will like boiled water because of the novel drinking method.