[Mushroom Stir-fried Cabbage]_ Production Method _ Practice Guide

[Mushroom Stir-fried Cabbage]_ Production Method _ Practice Guide

Mushrooms are rich in taste, very delicious, and have many nutritional values and functions. Mushrooms are fungal foods. They are generally mushrooms grown in the wild. You can pick them for soup and stir-fry. They are good choices.Meat, add egg soup, you can also stir-fry cabbage with mushrooms, the verdant greens of cabbage, and the smoothness of mushrooms, the taste will be very good.

Ingredients: 200 grams of mushroom (fresh mushroom), 200 grams of cabbage, seasoning: 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 2 grams of rice wine, 3 grams of sesame oil, and 50 grams of salad oil.

Wash the mushrooms, remove the stalks, simmer them in a boiling water pot, remove them and cut them apart; 2.

2. Remove the cabbage and cut it out. Add the hot oil pan (with 20 grams of oil) and add the appropriate amount of salt. The monosodium glutamate is sauteed and cooked thoroughly.

Add 30 grams of hot oil to the wok, add mushrooms and stir-fry for a while, add Shao wine, the remaining refined salt, burn the remaining MSG to taste, pour in sesame oil, lift the lid on the vegetable heart and serve.

Ingredients: 300g mushrooms, 100g pakchoi, ingredients, oil, salt, minced meat, seasoning, chicken, garlic, nutrition analysis1.

Provide nutrition and strengthen the body: Pakchoi is one of the vegetables with the most vitamins and minerals. It provides physical conditions to ensure the physiological needs of the body and helps to strengthen the body’s immune system.


Maintain vascular elasticity: Pakchoi contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can prevent the formation of plasma dialysis after entering into the human body and slightly combined. It can be regenerated in vitro by intervening the metabolite cholic acid to reduce the formation of atherosclerosis and thus maintain vascular elasticity.

Moisturizes the skin and delays aging: Pakchoi contains more carotene than beans, tomatoes, and melons, and it is also rich in vitamin C. After entering the body, it can promote skin cell metabolism, prevent skin roughness and pigmentation.Skin looks brighter and slows aging.


Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: Vitamin C contained in pakchoi forms a “hyaluronic acid inhibitor” in the body. This substance has anti-cancer effects and can eliminate loss of vitality.

In addition, the crude fiber contained in vegetables can promote colonic peristalsis, increase the excretion of endotoxins in the large intestine, and achieve the purpose of preventing cancer.

Preparation Step 1 Prepare a proper amount of mushrooms, wash them for later use, tear the mushrooms into strips, 2 heat the oil in a pot, drain the mushrooms when the oil is hot, stir in 3, then fry with garlic and cabbage 4 Wait until the mushrooms are almost cooked, season with the seasoning 5 and finally add the right amount of chicken essence to freshen, stir and you can cook.